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a.L. Tennis Project

Coach Ashley was lucky to have grown up in a small town in the Swiss Alps and has always seen the beauty and serenity of nature, but has also seen the fragility of the planet, which needs a lot of attention, awareness, and conscious minds to come together to help what scars mankind has left. Noticing how tennis is a sport that isn't so eco-friendly, but rather harmful to the planet, I choose to do what I can to try and find the best, most sustainable way how to run a tennis school. 

Tennis Ball After Life 

A.L. is working on recycling balls with a couple of organizations that are happy to take the used tennis balls for their projects & programs. 

A.L. Tennis wants to be Sustainable, so we are working on finding the best tennis balls that are less harmful to the planet, and hopefully, soon be able to find a company that provides eco-tennis balls for training. 

Future Project

H2 salads will be available for purchase twice a week at the clubhouse.