Tennis For Everybody

ALoftyLife Tennis welcomes all ages, all levels & anyone who wants to improve, have fun on the court & find a social tennis community  

Play for the Planet 


"In the US alone, 125 million tennis balls are thrown away every year and since tennis balls take 400 years to decompose that translates into 20,000 tonnes of non-compostable waste. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building up to the 62nd floor"

Tennis Camp Under the Sun 

Join us for a fun Tennis week; More information will follow 

My Motto

My goal in life is to make the world a brighter and happier place. 

I love bringing people together with Tennis. When I see my clients learning, improving and getting a workout while smiling, laughing, and building team spirit it is extremely rewarding and makes my job a true passion.

A.L. & CTA Tennis Philosophy

My coach and dad, Steven Loft, has run a tennis academy in Leysin, Switzerland, for 30 years and in 2021, we, as a family, took over the management and operations of the California Tennis Academy in Uetikon am See ,on Lake Zurich. My dad manages to make this progressive and difficult sport  immensely fun with his high-intensity & motivating group games. If you are in the Zurich area, go check out the tennis club. 

"Where there's fun and enjoyment, there's serious motivation, and that’s the key to passion and thereby rapid improvement in tennis" CTA Philosophy

A Hidden Gem

TC Füllerich is a small, but perfect space, where you can play tennis on the beautiful, well kept clay courts;  relax under the shady tree and comfy sofas and cheer others on, or have an "aprés tennis" chill out with some drinks & healthy snacks which you can purchase at the clubhouse. 

Become a part of this Hidden Gem Tennis Club 

AL Tennis Locations


AL Tennis coaches with enthusiasm, positivity, and encouragement bringing fun and enjoyment to the TC Füllerich tennis courts. 

Teaching this difficult sport using FUN from the get go keeps all ages and levels, from juniors to adults, beginners to advanced motivated, willing to learn & improve.

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